General terms and conditions

Entering the Laundromat and using the equipment is done exclusively on the basis of the following terms and conditions. These are recognized by entering the launderette:

1. Entering the Laundromat, using the equipment and the washing powder are at your own risk. The stay in our rooms is allowed to our customers only during the term of the used devices.

2. The customer is obliged to thoroughly inspect the devices for damage and residues before use, to carefully adjust them and to remain with the device during the entire machine cycle. If a device is damaged or if there are problems, the machine is the customer The customer must notify the customer service of the laundromat immediately if an error occurs. (See emergency calls in the laundromat or service telephone number)

3. The dyeing of laundry is prohibited. in case of infringement, the cleaning of the machine will be charged.

4. The washing and drying of heavily soiled laundry, mops, shoes, animal blankets, oil or grease-smeared laundry is prohibited. For the cleaning and repair of the equipment in this case, we require compensation (at least 50 € per unit). There are two special machines in Schweppermannstr. 27 in Nuremberg. The devices may only be loaded normally and loosely. The laundrette operator is not liable for damage to the laundry caused by overfilling and clear misuse. The customer is liable for damage to the machines caused by overfilling on the device.

5. The bringing and consumption of alcohol and other intoxicants is prohibited and will be punished with a ban on the house. Smoking is not permitted. Entering the Laundromat under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicants is prohibited.

6. The laundrette operator accepts no liability for laundry left or stolen that has been discolored or otherwise soiled.

7. In the event of a claim for damages to be clarified, the customer shall provide the laundromat with the laundry in its original condition immediately and on the same day. A possible compensation can only be made after presentation of the original purchase invoice, minus the wear. The customer will hand over the laundry to the laundromat and agree that the laundry will be inspected by an independent expert. The costs are borne by the customer if the laundrette operator is not at fault. The compensation is generally limited to a maximum of 100 €.

8. Washing customers must not hinder customers who only want to dry and have no special right.

9. The customer is obliged to pay attention to moisture and other hazards in the launderette, eliminate and report. The customer must keep the laundrette clean and dry. The customer is liable for cleaning work after deliberate pollution.

10. Children and adolescents are only allowed to stay if accompanied by their legal guardians. The use of the equipment is strictly prohibited for children and adolescents. The improper use and climbing of the equipment is prohibited. The use of damaged and locked devices is prohibited.

The stay in our rooms is allowed to our customers only during the term of the used devices.

11. Follow the instructions of our staff. The staff is entitled to exercise the house right in case of non-compliance and violations of these terms and conditions.

12. The customer informs the launderette operator if he / she feels disturbed or harassed by someone else. The laundrette can be video-monitored. There is no claim to the publication of images in case of damage. The expense of the laundromat must be replaced upon release. The customer agrees to video recordings and their storage. Photo, video, audio recordings, events and other use of the laundry room require the written permission of the launderette operator.

13. The customer is obliged to report any faults to the service center immediately by telephone. When a tape is running, the customer leaves a message indicating which salon he is in and the reason for his call. The central office calls back between 6 and 23 o'clock, usually within minutes. The service staff decides on the situation and urgency on the timing and type of assistance. There is no right to immediate processing.

14. Trousers or jacket pockets must be checked before using the machines. Damage caused by nails, etc. on the machines must be reimbursed by the customer.

15. The full and current version of the general terms and conditions apply, which must be obtained in writing from the operator of this branch (they are displayed in the shop or on the homepage).

16. In principle, only the prices and information posted in the laundromat apply. All information in other media is not binding.

17. If the customer does not remove his laundry immediately at the end of the program, the next customer is entitled to remove the laundry and place it neatly in a clean basket.

18. Vinegar cleaners, chlorine cleaners and other acid-based cleaners must not be filled into the washing machine due to damage to the seals. The customer is liable for the damage.

19. The laundrette door closes and opens automatically at the specified opening hours. The stay outside the opening hours in the store will be displayed.

20. At the cash machine, a product must be selected after the money has been withdrawn (compulsory purchase). The cash machine can not be used as a change machine.

standing: 04.12.2017